Judiciary reacts to second Commission report

The Office of the Chief Justice today published the Judiciary's comments on the Second Report of the Commission for the Holistic Reform of the Justice system. This Second Report deals mainly with proposals for institutional reforms, for reform of the laws of civil and criminal procedure, and proposals for administrative measures.
While expressing cautious agreement with a number of proposed changes in the laws of procedure and with certain administrative reforms, the Judiciary expressed its grave concern on some of the proposed institutional reforms, particularly those measures which drastically weaken the Commission for the Administration of Justice by reducing its fucntions and curtailing its powers. The Judiciary's report notes in particular that such reduction and curtailment conflicts with the terms of reference of the Reform Commission, which was entrusted by the Government with the task of strengthening the Commission for the Administration of Justice and not with the task of debilitating it.
The Judiciary's report (in Maltese) may be viewed by clicking here​.
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